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Slowly but surely, the protective tariffs and quotas of the world’s high-cost sugar production regions are starting to relax. The long-anticipated shift in production towards low-cost regions has begun in earnest, and the African sugar belt is primed for major expansion.

With operations in Swaziland, Cargo Carriers is one of the few specialised fleet operators with the infrastructure, industry knowledge, and IT systems to help you take advantage. We provide logistics solutions that are consistently more cost-effective than in-house services, and that dramatically improve cut-to-crush times.


1 850 000

tons sugarcane per annum




The latest specialised technology; improved cut-to-crush times; reduced costs and a more efficient and effective supply chain. In a rapidly changing industry, they are all vital.

Historically the EU has used import tariffs to protect its own beet sugar farmers. As of 2017, such protection will fall away. This development represents a considerable opportunity for our clients and others in southern Africa – but they will only be able to compete for a lucrative new market if they can reduce costs (some by as much as 38%). 

Moving into Africa requires a logistics partner that can bring the latest technology to the table; a partner that can bring down costs over the longer term and drive value across the supply chain; and – beyond supply chain expertise – a partner that can engage with and uplift local communities, and boast a strong track record in African empowerment.

It requires a partner like Cargo Carriers.

Currently, the SADC (South African Development Community) region represents just 2.7% of world sugar production. Achieving the kind of scale that will enable them to compete effectively for European market share is prompting local producers to consider developing new operations elsewhere in the region.

Cargo Carriers is eager to follow our clients as they expand geographically. Fortunately, we have the infrastructure, knowledge and experience, IT systems and financial resources to do so.


Cargo Carriers is one of two major logistics players operating in the African sugar belt. We deliver high-value logistics solutions throughout the region, dramatically improving cut-to-crush times and reducing long-term costs. Environmental stewardship is another key performance metric.

Operational excellence

Our Sugar division offers expert logistics services, including the loading and hauling of sugarcane from growers to mills. We currently have operations in Swaziland.

Our on-the-ground logistics experts utilise a range of vehicles that best suit client requirements and minimise transport expenses. These vehicles range from tractors to land trains carrying high payloads.

Our culture of innovation drives us to achieve better results in the field. If we find it, we adopt it. If it doesn’t exist, we develop it. The onboard transponder system we designed in 2005 has enabled us to dramatically improve cut-to-crush times.

In 2007, we adopted new technologies to minimise our environmental impact. We continue to invest in technological upgrades to our mechanical harvester fleet.

Strategic excellence

Already established in Swaziland, Cargo Carriers continues to seek out new opportunities to diversify its sugar logistics business across the South African Development Community.

The African sugar belt covers vast tracts of diverse terrain. The socio-political climate also differs greatly across these lands. In some areas it makes sense to deploy chopper-harvester fleets. In others it is necessary to employ labour-intensive processes. Cargo Carriers has the resources and experience to accommodate both labour-intensive and capital-intensive solutions.

Our Lughubu small-grower transportation model was created in Swaziland in 2006. It allowed us to empower local business, while building logistics expertise among Swazi owner-operators.

We are always flexible in our approach to doing business, and offer our clients the chance to enter partnership-pricing agreements.


There are only 24 hours from cut to crush. Maximising your yield requires a precision integration of field operations, loads and scheduling. It requires Cargo Carriers.

Choose a logistics and supply chain service provider who offers you:

  • High service levels and innovation for shorter cut-to-crush times
  • Integrated solutions for harvesting, loading and transporting
  • Sugar industry experience and expertise
  • World-class technology for green harvesting
  • Ability to boost productivity through partnerships with local communities
  • Balance sheet strength

Experts in supply chain and logistics services, Cargo Carriers continually seeks out ways to innovate new efficiencies for effective supply chain management. Find out how we can help you to create more value.



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