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Supply Chain Solutions

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Demand-forecasting methodologies are outdated. Cutting-edge technology and specialised logistics expertise have become the key to unlocking new possibilities. Backed by South Africa’s best suite of logistics IT systems and solutions, Cargo Carriers offers innovative Supply Chain Management consulting and implementation services to clients across the country, and throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

Our supply chain solutions are anchored in our state-of-the-art Symphony software platform, enabling clients to eliminate costly bottlenecks, boost sales, optimise procurement spend and reduce inventory.


The cornerstone of our long-term business strategy is our Supply Chain Solutions division, dedicated to creating sustainable value through innovation.

The division offers a cost-effective trading business, consulting services and the supply and deployment of best-in-class logistics software and systems.

Based on the Theory of Constraints (TOC) philosophy, we have developed a methodology for companies to optimise and manage their supply chain – and particularly inventory buffer levels – that is simply more sophisticated and more successful than traditional demand-forecasting methodologies.

This approach is anchored in our Symphony software, to which we hold the exclusive license in Africa. Working through this cutting-edge technology, we are enable to improve our clients’ service and sales levels, at the same time as reducing inventory by up to 50% – even in volatile demand environments.

While we do sometimes work on a consultancy basis in this division, we prefer to implement and even run the supply chain solutions that we design. This approach allows us to take ultimate responsibility for the value we create over time.


At Cargo Carriers we believe it is possible to leverage your supply chain for substantial competitive advantage.

Drawing on our industry-leading expertise, and South Africa’s best suite of logistics IT systems and solutions, we offer supply chain consulting and system implementation services to clients across sub-Saharan Africa, saving scores of clients money and optimising their logistics operations.

Today our systems are in use in markets as diverse as Mauritius, Zambia, South Africa, Mozambique and Ethiopia.

At CargoSolutions we are so confident that we can add substantial value to your organisation that we typically enter into win-win partnerships with customers, ensuring that both the risk and the rewards are shared in an appropriate manner. We accomplish this by harnessing your existing supply chain potential and management expertise, and combining this with our experience, ground breaking methodologies, and the appropriate enabling software solution.

By utilising the Symphony Supply Chain Management software tool for implementing procurement, operations and distribution TOC solutions, we can reduce lead times, optimise inventory levels and dramatically improve your supply chain service levels – ultimately boosting your profitability.

Consultancy services

Our constant investment in information technology and software solutions is a key reason why various industries continue to associate the Cargo Carriers brand with service excellence and savings to their bottom line. But our vehicles and the industry’s best people can’t be everywhere – which is why we offer our knowledge, systems, people and, most importantly, our quality standards, on a consulting basis.



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