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Sustainability has become a business imperative. For the major players in every industry, having a logistics provider committed to reducing its carbon footprint while continually meeting the highest health, safety and quality standards, is essential. Cargo Carriers is that provider.

At Cargo Carriers, sustainability is integral to everything we do. Our industry-leading SHEQ (safety, health, environment and quality) standards attest to this, positioning us a supply chain partner of choice.

Proactive SHEQ risk management across the business enables us to continue investing in what really matters: our people, our assets, our systems and our customer service.

SHEQ Policy Statement

Cargo Carriers scrupulously observes the highest standards in health and wellness, safety and environmental best practice, and quality control. This is of daily benefit to not only our clients and the industry, but to the country at large.



  • National Road Traffic Act
  • Hazardous Substances Act
  • National Environmental Management Act (1998)
  • Disaster Management Act
  • National Water Act
  • Occupational Health & Safety Act


  • Dangerous Goods Committee of the Road Freight Association
  • Responsible Care Steering Committee of the Chemical & Allied Industries Association
  • Chemical Handling Forum


The safety of our employees underpins our license to operate. As transporters of some of the world’s most hazardous material, it is especially important that we observe and enforce the strictest safety standards.

  • We continually implement measures to prevent, or – when they occur – effectively manage road incidents.
  • The vehicles in our fleet have extensive onboard technology to monitor the speed and safe-driving behaviours of our drivers.
  • Safety awareness, training and reporting are all key management indicators. Safety performance is closely monitored, and the implementation of protocols and training, rigorously enforced.
  • At branch level, monthly “toolbox talks” ensure that occupational safety remains top-of-mind throughout the organisation.


For a business in which more than half of the employees are on the road for much of their working day, it is imperative that we have fit, healthy and focused staff. But for Cargo Carriers, looking after the health of our people isn’t just a business prerogative – it’s about living up to our group values.

  • We recognise that people are our most important asset. Drivers must be able to give their full attention to the job in order for us to deliver against the highest service and safety standards. For this reason, we pay close attention to driver performance, and provide access to proper medical treatment for stress, fatigue and concentration.
  • Cargo Carriers is an active participant in our industry bargaining council’s Wellness Fund. In collaboration with the fund’s “Trucking Wellness” initiative, we hold regular employee wellness days across our branches, where employees have the opportunity to undergo health screening tests for cholesterol, blood pressure, body mass, blood sugar and eyesight. Voluntary HIV counselling and testing is also made available.
  • We regularly take part in the Discovery Healthy Company Index survey, which gives us invaluable direction in rolling out targeted programmes to improve the overall health of our workforce.


Worldwide, only 9% of transport companies are currently investing in low-carbon initiatives. Cargo Carriers is proud to be among them.

South Africa contributes to roughly 1% of the world’s annual carbon emissions and 13% of those emissions stem from the transport sector. Worldwide, only 9% of transport companies are currently investing in low-carbon initiatives. While the sector is lagging behind in terms of carbon reduction strategies, Cargo Carriers is taking the lead.

  • In 2010 we commissioned the Global Carbon Exchange (CGX) to conduct an analysis on our operation‘s carbon footprint. Having learnt that, after the fleet, electricity usage was our largest contributor to carbon emissions, the next depot we built was entirely solar-powered – South Africa’s first.
  • Also in 2010, Cargo Carriers imported South Africa’s first Euro IV fleet. Euro IV meets the latest standards set by the European Union for reasonably acceptable carbon emissions. These trucks emit 1,5 grams of carbon per Kilowatt hour compared to the Euro I standard (12,3g/kWh).
  • In 2015, we reduced our carbon emissions by more than 12%. This was achieved as a result of more efficient fuel usage, and a focus on route optimisation which led to shorter travelling distances.
  • To date, we have retained all necessary quality and environmental accreditations, with our head office and three operational sites – Sasolburg and Cape Town – being externally audited for ISO 14001 compliance.
  • Our environmental performance is managed by a SHEQ (safety, health, environment and quality) manager, and environmental measures are detailed, on a monthly basis, in our Quantitative Indicator Performance (QIP) reporting system.
  • Systems are in place to give detailed reports on vehicle maintenance, tyre life and driver performance – areas in which we are able to effectively reduce or mitigate our carbon footprint.
  • Should any of our vehicles be involved in an accident, our emergency control centre works with the major spill-response companies we partner with to mitigate the danger, and ensure round-the-clock reactivity.
  • Our reduced carbon footprint is underpinned by: efficient utilisation of fuel through ongoing fleet maintenance and driver training programmes; conscious and concerted efforts to reduce water and electricity consumption; and continued compliance with international standards (ISO 14001) to ensure minimal impact on the environment in which we operate

Going forward, we will continue to ensure that emissions are constantly monitored and effectively reduced – in line with our strategic intentions, and with environmental best practice.


Our philosophy of continuous improvement applies directly to the quality of our vehicles on the road as well as the quality of our drivers.

  • Cargo Carriers is the first South African logistics and supply chain company to introduce the eco-friendly Euro IV fleet.
  • We are continually upgrading our fleet in terms of new tyres, onboard technologies, capacity and safety measures.
  • Standard across our fleet are various onboard technology monitors that measure drivers’ speed and the safety of their driving.
  • Regular and ongoing training of drivers and technicians is conducted to ensure they meet our industry-leading standards. We use the data we receive from our vehicles to simulate situations in which our drivers’ abilities are put to the test to improve their skills.

CARGO CARRIERS LTD ISO 14001: 2015 CERTIFICATE (click to view)

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