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Exceptional service and unwavering safety levels are fundamental to the way gas producers do business, and by extension, to the suppliers and contractors they do business with.

Cargo Carriers delivers on both fronts, offering industry-leading SHEQ (safety, health, environment and quality) standards, as well as innovative value-driven logistics solutions for the gas industry, characterised by reliability and general service excellence.


3.3 Million

Kilometers per annum


Naledi (Sasolburg)


In uncertain economic times, those logistics players with the commitment and financial resources to support the highest standards in safety as well as service are in great demand.

Safety costs money. Lack of it costs reputation. Gas is hazardous, and who you entrust with its transportation is critical.

In an industry in which the necessary skills are in short supply, Cargo Carriers has the ability to provide world-class safety standards, upheld by a team of highly trained bulk vehicle operators.


We are a leading distributor of oxygen, nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide for some of South Africa’s largest gas and welding products suppliers. Our Gases business operates from our clients’ premises in Naledi - Sasolburg and Emalahleni – from which we deliver throughout South Africa, and as far afield as Zambia and Malawi.

Operational excellence

The delivery of gases is extremely sensitive. Intense staff training, along with the use of specialised cryogenic tankers, ensures that our delivery of gases to industrial and healthcare facilities is completed without endangering consumers or other road users.

Our specialised equipment is complemented by the knowledge and skills of our staff who, through training and experience, are empowered to satisfy delivery requirements safely and timeously. They are also adept at meeting onerous requirements for the handling of dangerous gases.

We are equally serious about maintaining the highest service standards in the industry. We believe the ability to communicate seamlessly is core to an efficient and effective supply chain. We pride ourselves on being a logistics partner who knows exactly where your cargo is at any given time, enabling us to assist you in managing and optimising your service levels.

Our Gas fleet is monitored with not one but two onboard drive-cams – one directed towards the road ahead, and the other focused on the driver. Recordings are used as a critical learning tool to identify areas in which to improve safety. Our commitment to SHEQ is uncompromising.

In order to maintain best practice in a hazardous environment, our drivers and technicians continually receive training and re-training at our multimillion-rand facility in Sasolburg. A modern fleet with lower fuel and maintenance costs, and lower emissions is, of course, a given.

Strategic excellence

Those companies that shave costs of their logistics bills at the expense of safety or environmental risks will eventually pay more in reputational damage and clean-up costs.

This is why Cargo Carriers enforces the most stringent procedures to ensure that the highest SHEQ (safety, health, environment and quality) standards are maintained.

We work closely with our gas producer clients to improve and maintain safety and service standards, sharing best practices and availing them of our expertise. We believe this kind of “partnership approach” improves the operational standards and long-term profitability of both companies.


As a gas producer, careless logistics partners can harm your reputation, your relationships and the environment. Cargo Carriers takes every precaution to ensure this never happens.

Choose a logistics and supply chain service provider who offers you:

  • Industry-leading SHEQ standards, with a particular focus on safety
  • High B-BBEE scores
  • Service excellence and innovation
  • Gas industry experience and expertise
  • World-class bulk vehicle operators and equipment
  • Leading-edge onboard technology to monitor safety
  • A strong balance sheet to support your business growth

Experts in supply chain and logistics services, Cargo Carriers continually seeks out ways to innovate new efficiencies for effective supply chain management. Find out how we can help you to create more value.



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