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The ongoing Government-led investment in housing development. Various other infrastructure projects and private sector investments. It all bodes well for long-term demand for powder-based products.

Cargo Carriers has the track record and specialist capabilities to meet the demand. Whatever your requirements may be.


6.3 Million

Kilometers per annum


Bloemfontein Lichtenburg
Port Elizabeth, Queenstown

We have been awarded with various supplier of the year awards for excellent service in the powders industry that also resulted in assisting us with growth.

  • 2011 – Service Delivery Award (Cementitious)
  • 2011 – Supplier of the Year (Cementitious)
  • 2012 – Branded Transporter of the Year (Cementitious)
  • 2013 – Service Delivery Award (Cementitious)
  • 2013 – Supplier of the Year (Cementitious)
  • 2013 – Service Delivery Award (Cementitious)
  • 2013/2014/2015 –Obtained 4 Star in 5 Pillar SHEQ Audit (Cementitious)

The cement market in particular has become fiercely competitive, heightened by the arrival of new major players. This is further heightening cost pressures on producers, which, in turn, translates into greater pressure on logistics providers to cut costs and show demonstrable savings.

Cargo Carriers has answered the call on all fronts. Our Powders business has partnered with almost all of the major cement producers in South Africa, and operates from premises established close to their production and distribution facilities.


Cargo Carriers offers innovative supply chain and logistics solutions to the Powders industry, offering high service levels, an ability to reduce costs, and a willingness to invest in logistics infrastructure as partners. In 2007, we opened our first dedicated Powders branch in Bloemfontein and has since expanded our footprint nationally.

Operational excellence

Cement clients increasingly expect their logistics service providers to deploy value-adding technology such as electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) to unlock logistics efficiencies. Fortunately this is an area in which Cargo Carriers is a market leader, having already successfully implemented and customised such technology.
Our capacity, reliability, expertise and high SHEQ scores recently won us the contract to deliver cement from Lichtenburg, Randfontein and Kaalfontein for one of the largest cement companies in Southern Africa.

This year we also assisted one of our key clients to establish a distribution hub in the Eastern Cape. The successful completion of this project augurs well for the generation of new income streams.
In Lesotho, we are the leading cement transporter. Large-scale construction projects are planned for the country and we are well-positioned to partner with businesses looking to expand.

In an effort to contain costs in an extremely competitive and price-sensitive industry, this year we restructured our Lichtenburg workshops and administration functions to cost-effectively service multiple clients.

Cargo Carriers Powder industry clients enjoy the benefits of our:

  • Willingness to invest in new equipment and expand our capacity on the African continent;
  • Ongoing efforts to improve our already impressive turnaround times
  • High service standards
  • Right delivery, right place, right time reliability
  • Regular fleet maintenance;
  • Commitment to reducing fuel consumption;
  • Considerable industry experience; and
  • Nation-wide coverage and Southern African cross-border footprint

Strategic excellence

Greater infrastructural and private sector spend across Southern Africa translates into a projected increase in demand for powder-based products. These increased volumes will challenge existing supply chains of even the biggest and most durable cement producers, straining production lines and creating increased volatility.

Cargo Carriers is committed to generating value across the supply chain.

The expertise of our Supply Chain Solutions division is complemented by commitment to continuous improvement across our operations and by our industry experience. Together they enable our clients to generate value. And by establishing long-term relationships, we position ourselves to commit additional capital to support our innovations.

We custom-build solutions to suit each client’s needs. Sometimes a joint venture or an outsourced solution is the best option. In some instances, especially where the supply chain is core, insourcing is the best solution. Whatever the appropriate model, we work closely with the client, ensuring open lines of communication and visibility at all times.


We are the Powders industry benchmark for service excellence, delivering reliable, value-driven solutions customised to our clients’ precise needs.

Choose a logistics and supply chain service provider who offers you:

  • A national footprint
  • High service levels
  • Best value logistics solutions
  • High SHEQ and B-BBEE scores
  • Powders industry experience and expertise
  • Onboard technologies for greater supply chain visibility
  • Balance sheet strength

Experts in supply chain and logistics services, Cargo Carriers continually seeks out ways to innovate new efficiencies for effective supply chain management. Find out how we can help you to add value.



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