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Transporting hazardous chemicals requires professional care. Only world-class bulk vehicle operators can be trusted – those who are as conscientious about safety and the environment as they are about service, and who have the resources, skills and track record to back up these high-minded ideals.

At Cargo Carriers, we are committed to delivering hazardous chemicals safely and reliably. Our industry-leading SHEQ (safety, health, environment and quality) standards, combined with our specialist expertise and experience in the chemicals industry, and high-performance, high-service solutions will help you add value across the supply chain.


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When it comes to doing business in the chemicals industry, excellent SHEQ scores, strong B-BBEE credentials and a healthy balance sheet are just as important as the ability to deliver high value solutions.

In Cargo Carriers, you have a supply chain and logistics services provider that ticks all of these boxes. Our Chemicals business operates out of the chemical production hubs of Sasolburg and Secunda. The products we transport include flocculants, acids, fertilisers and heavy oils.


Safety and service have always been the most important focus for our chemicals business, and we continue to innovate new ways in which to improve on both these scores, while delivering maximum value across the supply chain.

Operational excellence

To further improve our service delivery, we have undertaken an extensive renewal of our fleet. This new generation of vehicles – pressurised and non-pressurised – is more fuel efficient and capable of carrying bigger payloads.

We have partnered with a local supplier to develop a unique chemical liquid bulk tanker. Clad in a new lightweight material, the tankers are fitted with rear-view cameras, next-generation ABS and EBD braking systems, computerised fault-finding systems and a suspension system that reduces tyre wear.

The technology upgrades to our fleet have led to an increase in payloads, while maintenance costs, downtime, tyre-wear, fuel consumption and carbon emissions have all been reduced – all benefits that are passed on to our clients.

Our Sasolburg depot prides itself with a state of the art washbay. This washbay facility has dedicated bays for the different types of washes external/internal including steam facilities and high speed rotating spinner to facilitate internal washes and cleanliness certificates are supplied after each wash. This ensures that our tanker fleet has greater versatility in products it is able to carry and that load residues are disposed of safely and responsibly.

In the event of a road spill or a spillage at the loading or offloading point, a national agreement is in place with environmental clean-up specialists to handle such incidents, including containment, clean-up and rehabilitation.

We are continually investing in the improvement of our SHEQ scores, but investing in our people is just as important. The training and re-training of our drivers has helped us to develop world-class bulk vehicle operators who are capable of handling the most hazardous materials.

The Sasolburg depot has been rated as a ‘preferred haulier’ in terms of the Chemical and Allied Industries Association (CAIA).

Strategic excellence

We embraced the quest to achieve the highest possible SHEQ and BBBEE scores some years ago.

Today, we continue to innovate new ways in which to improve service levels.

Our sound financial position allows us to invest in our clients’ supply chains even during difficult times, supporting them as they grow.


Cargo Carriers are as conscientious about safety and the environment as we are about service, and we have the resources, skills and track record to back this up.

Choose a logistics and supply chain service provider who offers you:

  • Industry-leading SHEQ standards
  • High B-BBEE scores
  • Service excellence and innovation
  • Chemicals industry experience and expertise
  • World-class bulk vehicle operators and equipment
  • Cutting-edge onboard technology to monitor safety
  • A strong balance sheet to support your business growth

Experts in supply chain and logistics services, Cargo Carriers continually seeks out ways to innovate new efficiencies for effective supply chain management. Find out how we can help you to create more value.



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