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Prospecting for a better BEE score? September 18, 2018 |

Finding a reliable transport company for your mining operations is tough. In the past the choice was based on experience, track record, high SHEQ standards and Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) scores.

Then more criteria to be satisfied were added, such as, the black-ownership levels of your transport provider and the degree to which they support localisation.

This added another level of complexity to an already difficult decision, as most of the big, experienced, SHEQ-compliant transporters aren’t 53% black-owned. And that’s the threshold if you are to maximise your BEE scores, and they aren’t local which is increasingly a moral imperative for mine owners.

In the end, mining companies have had two options when it comes to choosing a transport company:

  1. Choose one of the transport industry stalwarts synonymous with excellent SHEQ standards, decades of experience in the mining industry and a strong balance sheet, but forego ownership points; or
  2. Choose a smaller black-owned transport company – potentially even locally owned – with the right BEE score but without decades of high safety accreditation, and the balance sheet to keep up with your demands.

The benefits of the first option all relate to risk mitigation. The second option solves the BEE and localisation issues. Yet both options miss the mark when it comes to creating synergy and real value for mining houses.

But now there’s a much better option for mining companies that want their procurement choices to have the best possible impact on their own BEE score, whilst retaining high SHEQ scores, decades of experience and the strong balance sheets they’ve come to expect from transporters.

Cargo Carriers – who cut their teeth in the mining industry 50 years ago, and who have the highest SHEQ standards and a JSE-listing, have just become 53% black-owned, and a level 2 BEE contributor. And they have an exciting plan to present to you which embraces localisation.

The immediate benefits of each of these characteristics are obvious. What is not obvious is what awaits beyond your decision to trust Cargo Carriers with your mining transportation needs. This is something that money can seldom buy. But in this case it can. It’s peace of mind.

Contact us if you want to find out about our ability to add local sourcing to the mix, or if you are interested in our solution that can be custom built to give your BEE rating and mining charter non-negotiables a boost.

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