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Unrivalled Professional fuel transport February 17, 2022 |

Anyone seeking passage through Namibia’s diamond rich ‘Sperrgebiet’ is subject to rigorous control both before and after traversing the area.  The Sperrgebiet (meaning ‘forbidden territory’) covers 26,000 km2 and the site of a massive diamond mining industry. While there is still diamond mining going on today,  a large area of the Sperrgebiet, known for its unique flora, remains untouched.

Specialised transport and logistics company Cargo Carriers Namibia has been contracted to the mines in the area since the early 1990’s having delivered fuel from Cape Town to the mines in the southern region. In 2021, the logistics changed somewhat, and Cargo Carriers established a depot facility in Rosh Pinah which is centrally located in order to manage the fuel loading operation ex Luderitz (a coastal town in southwestern Namibia, known for its German colonial buildings) for delivery to 3 operational mines within Namibia, also referred to as Orange River Mines (contains some of the highest value diamonds in the world) namely, Sendlingsdrift, Daberas and onward to Oranjemund.

 Operating 5 state-of-the-art light-weight aluminium multi-compartment fuel tankers, each vehicle covering 800 kilometres per trip, this is full day’s work that requires immense concentration and skill.

Cargo Carriers has gained extensive knowledge and fuel expertise over the past 3 decades attaining excellent SHEQ scores. Each licensed Hazchem driver operates the vehicle for a maximum of nine hours a day taking regular rest stops to avoid fatigue. This is in line with the customers’ very strict policies regarding driving hours to avoid road accidents

With daylight only travel permitted, journey management planning is critical to this operation.  Vehicles are only permitted to park in approved parking areas to ensure the safety of the drivers as well as safety of the load.

Despite the road infrastructure to the sites being in very good condition,  with large parts of South Africa having  received heavy rains for weeks now, leading to rivers and dams bursting from their seams and flooding in some parts, this has had an impact on the Orange River. The Orange River has, overflowed its banks at specific points on the gravel road between Aussenkehr and Rosh Pinah, leading to the road being closed to the public temporarily, and with the river’s water level expected to rise, this could possibly further destabilise the Oranjemund – Rosh Pinah Road. Last years’ flooding of the Orange River caused a crack in the road and should further damage occur and this road is also closed, there will be no access into and out of Oranjemund for the public, the only road left would be through the mining area on the Elizabeth Bay road to Lüderitz, for which a travel permit is required.  Therefore, journey management planning and road route surveys are critical to this operation.

With Cargo Carriers pledged to promote employee health and safety, and to uphold environmental safety in its dealings, skilled drivers and personnel receive ongoing product and driver training in the highly specialised fuel transport business.

Cargo Carriers has truly demonstrated its long-term commitment to this industry through its willingness to invest in necessary logistics infrastructure as a strategic partner to its customers.


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