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Cargo Carriers leads its customers along the “greener” path March 31, 2020 |

Mapping the way forward for a sustainable road-transport logistics sector

Cargo Carriers, a leading South African road transport logistics specialist, continues its intense focus on reducing the carbon footprint of its extensive road-transport operations.

This drive is in line with the commitment of many of the company’s industrial customers to sustainable and “green” business practices. It also supports carbon-reduction policies of the South African government, one of more than 100 signatories to the Paris Agreement, a global response to the climate change threat.

South Africa remains one of the top carbon-intensive major economies and contributors towards global green-house gas (GHG) emissions.

Transport operations, including freight logistics, makes up a notable portion of these GHG emissions. Responsible road hauliers, which dominate the country’s overland transport industry, therefore, understand that they have a large part to play in assisting the country reduce its carbon footprint.

This focus includes using natural capital, such as diesel, responsibly in an approach that has enabled Cargo Carriers to also significantly reduce operating costs and, in so doing, improve supply-chain efficiencies to provide customers with a strategic competitive edge.

The company’s fuel efficiency drive in transport, fleet and freight is supported by sophisticated information communications technology, as well as supply-chain execution management.

Moreover, a highly skilled and experienced team of drivers ensures the efficient use of fuel. What is considered to be best practice in terms of the operation of trucks is entrenched through ongoing driver training programmes with an intense focus on, among other factors, correct braking, gear changes and speed.

Certainly, Cargo Carriers’ ongoing investment into sophisticated technologies, such as on-board cameras, have greatly improved route monitoring methods that have also enhanced the efficacy of its own driver-training programmes.

Moreover, an experienced team of in-house mechanics ensures a well-maintained and fuel-efficient fleet, comprising brands from leading European truck original-equipment manufacturers that are at the forefront of research and development into clean engine and fuel-efficient technologies.

Cargo Carriers will continue to set the benchmark in clean and “green” transport logistics!

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