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Cargo Carriers has always been a significant buyer of Mercedes Benz trucks and this year has been no different.

In October 2021, in line with the company’s vehicle-replacement policy, Cargo Carriers took delivery of 13 new Mercedes Benz Actros 2645/LS33 Pure truck tractors which will be incorporated into the powders (cementitious)  division.   Together with the Mercedes Benz Truck tractors – Cargo Carriers invested in bulk tankers with optimal payload capacity to compliment the truck tractors. 

Cargo Carriers and Mercedes Benz have a long-standing relationship spanning over 64 years. The technology in Mercedes’ trucks aligns perfectly with Cargo Carriers’ high standards of Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ). As the company operates in volatile and hazardous industries such as gas, fuel, chemicals and mining, safety is always a top priority. Thus, high SHEQ standards call for the superior technology which Mercedes-Benz provides.

The new Truck tractors are 6% lighter than the older models, with greater power efficiency, as well as fuel saving technical innovations.

Technologies such as anti-lock braking systems, acceleration skid control, disc brakes, electronically controlled braking systems, lane assistance, roll over control, proximity and stability control, amongst others, play an important role in preventing disaster.

With some of the upgrades on Fleetboard, this is the flagship of systems to manage our transport business as well as exceeding our customer needs.  Fleetboard continues to adhere to the reduced consumption driving style acquired during Mercedes Benz Eco Training.  This can result in long term fuel savings.

These advantages add up to favourable costs for the customer, while our driver training programmes and load-tracking software enhances predictable and reliable delivery.

Cargo Carriers’ growth in the powders environment has allowed the company to expand its fleet despite many industries, and many competitors, being deeply affected by the economic recession. 

The new Mercedes Benz trucks are a beneficial investment in the company’s potential for continued growth.

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