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Establishing a reliable barometer for the safe transportation and handling of chemicals August 5, 2019 |

Cargo Carriers’ skilled and experienced team ensures the safe and efficient transportation of dangerous goods

Chemicals are used in most products, such as water and preservatives and, in certain concentrations; they may be hazardous to humans and the environment.

They are, therefore, handled in a safe and controlled manner by both manufacturers and end users.

Importantly, just as much emphasis is also placed on ensuring the safe transportation and handling of chemicals on South Africa’s road network. This critical role is fulfilled by specialised logistics service providers (LSPs) that are committed to upholding the highest standards, in terms of Safety Health Environment & Quality (SHEQ).

However, it is the way Cargo Carriers manages the risks associated with the transportation and handling of dangerous goods (DGs) that differentiates the company from other LSPs.

This is evidenced by the company’s systematic approach to the recruitment, monitoring and evaluation, as well as continuous training of its large team of drivers.

Cargo Carriers focuses on recruiting only the most competent drivers who all undergo thorough screening and selection processes.

Just as importantly, their performance is monitored and evaluated on a continuous basis to provide results that can be measured and audited.

This also informs the company’s focused training programmes, which are closely aligned to the various job designations. For example, they range from defensive driving, awareness and first-aid through to fire-fighting and Hazchem.

The company’s approach to the daily management of its large team of drivers is also a key differentiator.

Daily briefings are held at branches where safety-related information, including route-risk hazards, is shared among drivers before they set out on their routes.

Drivers also attend de-briefing session after every trip. These provide an important forum for obtaining feedback of any constraints encountered on their daily routes, or at delivery points, and corrective action is then implemented.

Moreover, weekly “Toolbox Talks” continue to provide important forums for the sharing and documentation of experiences, improvements, successes and challenges.

In 2018, Cargo Carriers’ team of drivers covered millions of kilometres to deliver a world-class logistics solution to leading participants in various highly-regulated industries and intense focus is, therefore, also placed on managing fatigue, a leading contributor towards accidents.

Moreover, drivers undergo annual medical examinations to confirm their fitness for work. Importantly, these examinations also enable managers to support drivers who may be on chronic medication.

Some of the largest vehicle combinations in the world are permitted to operate on the country’s roads.

The large carrying capacities and dimensions of these truck and trailer configurations have provided extremely high levels of availability and reliability, both significant contributors towards the continued migration of commodities, such as chemicals, from rail to road.

Cargo Carriers maintains that it is the responsibility of all participants in the local road transport industry to ensure that only the highest possible standards are met and maintained when operating on South Africa’s road network.

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